Alex Dye Journal Entry #12: Twelve Days of Rats
The Fated enter the sewers for new Artifact leads.


Alex Dye Journal Entry #11: Now We're El-EVEN
The Party pursues a runaway Dye'ann and make a deal with the Hag


Had an… unpleasant morning today. Woke at daybreak, as usual, to find both Hasame and Dye’Ann both missing. At least the Arab had the decency to leave a note about the Death Marshalls; our daughter did not however. I woke Sera to help me find her, but the beginning of our search proved fruitless.

After finding the trail hours cold, Sera had a great idea of heading to the Swamp Hag. She has already requested our audience… maybe we could negotiate her Sight to locate Dye’Ann and fulfill whatever request she has.

After heading into the Bayou, Sera stumbled into a clutch of Silurids. We were able to repel them, but at great injury to Sera.

Thankfully, we finally did find the Hag’s Shack. After a regenerative brew, the Hag filled in a few more details about her requested mission for three more Djinn.

After filling in about some new leads (Jackob? The Arabic sister?), the Hag kept her end of the bargain; Dye’Ann was there safe and sound! A little annoying she used my daughter to get our attention, but at least she is safe!

Image from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Alex Dye Journal Entry #9: The End is Nine!
The Fated Search for the Bahsz' Second Lair


Not sure what happened last evening… Did we party like it was 1889?… Anyway, we finally made it back to the Cracked Anvil, where Milly had a note for Husher. He nipped off for the rest of the night and morning, not saying much. Doesn’t matter much to me; I got my shut-eye.

By the time Hosem got back, it was late morning. He did get us a new job though, some kind of followup to the Boss fight. While not super keen on venturing into the QZ, possibly right into a Resser trap, cash is cash. I used this as an excuse to stock up while the Arab crashed (lazy drunk, how much did he get hammered at the casino?).

When I fetched the other two, Dye’ann wanted to come too. I knew that was a ridiculous request, but I couldn’t say no to those eyes. So much like your’s. Allows me to keep an eye on her anyway, right? We got the cable car hub at the Enclave at noon, and headed off to the isolated Southern Slums.

The cars are slow going, but at around four, we shuddered to a halt. A neighboring windmill gave us a chance to investigate the area while the two Guards fix the car. In our search of the tower, the two Guards were slain by Things of the QZ. While it seemed like Sara and Hussm found interesting things in the ’mill, we had to find a way to either press forward or retreat to the neighboring Burns.

Preferring to seek help or shelter in the Burns, we learned that one of the Wall Guards, Phil, was the brother of Bill, a Car Guard. Eager to find his bro, he pledged his gun to our cause. We turned around and sprinted to the Boss Lair directions. A couple of ambushes sprang from the shadows of the setting sun, as I feared, but now, we are in front of the open door…

Image taken from Blizzard Entertainment

Alex Dye Journal Entry #6: Hungover and Six to My Stomach
The Fated continue helping Isaac


It feels awkward to write to you in a journal instead of a proper letter, but I don’t know how else to chronicle my travels here to you.

After leaving that mighty fine establishment… The Honeypot I believe… Sarafeena spotted that same rat-brat who sicked that rabid rodent on me when we first ported to Malifaux. Everyone else seemed to develop a soft-spot for the vile urchin, especially Sara after asking the child only a handful of questions about her involvement in the attack Day One. We allow her to follow us for now, but I made sure my safety was off on my rifle, not willing to repeat my previous mistakes with the child… who now calls herself Diane…

In any case, Isaac wanted to visit the Qi and Gong while we stayed in Little Kingdom, and gave Sarah 3 Scrip for a dinner for everyone else (including Diane) at the Pesky Kat Nomo while he investigated the location alone. I wasn’t going to turn down a meal from a quasi-employer, but Husem seemed dogged to get to the bottom of Isaac’s dealings. The two men went off, and eventually came back, with Isaac’s portfolio found. Huzzah!… I guess. Not sure how a courier could be so negligent with his charge, oh well.

We returned to the Gilded Mare, where we found Dohman again with a new face; Isaac’s employer Lucas McCabe. Appreciative of our role being escort for Isaac, he paid us a small amount, with the promise of more work to come. While this doesn’t readily help my search for you my sweet, getting paid for easy work isn’t worth dismissing either. We accept his offer, so we’ll see what happens in the days to come.

We four (can’t we shake off that dingy Diane yet?) got back to the Cracked Anvil, and even Nellie seemed to have a soft spot for the guttersnipe after Sara cleaned her up and put her into her old clothes. We all turn in for the night, but I surrender my rented room to the ladies; there is no way I will sleep anywhere near that foul child.

Epilogue 5

A Search for Knowledge
Invisible Power Looms Low
A Hasty Exit

Epilogue 4

A Letter Unknown
The Firy Flower Blooms Full
Lost Love Cries For Help

Lovers Reunited Fivever
The Fated visit the Post Office

Romantic-Couple-Silhouette-2.pngToday was quite the day! It all started back in that ever so dirty little bar, the Cracked Anvil, when that serving girl brought me my letter. I just could not believe what I read. Mama and Daddy knew I was alive! But they also thanked me for the shipments of goods that I had been sending along…how queer! I haven’t been of a mind to send a single thing since all this “Breach stuff” has happened to me. Anyhow, after I got my letter, Mr. Dye suggested that we might be able to go to the Post Office to figure out who has been sending shipments to Mama and Daddy on my behalf (cheeky little scoundrel). Mr. Dye, Hussam, and I traveled to the Post Office and I convinced the clerk to tell us who had been sending these packages…and she said it was my own BROTHER. Well I never! I certainly do not have a brother, let alone one who lives in Malifaux. So our little trio started to make our way to some Guild bar that was this fellow’s hangout and found out what he was wearing that day. I needed to see for myself who this cad could be. Anyhow, that whole day I had been feeling a little…off. I was getting these pains that I just couldn’t explain. I know I’ve been doing a little more fightin’ then I’m used to, but this was something else. And all of a sudden as we were making our way to the bar, these feelings take me over. I’m completely overcome by this dreadful pulling sensation. But then, the MOST wonderful thing happened. I changed back into myself!! Can you imagine? Little ole me?! Back in my proper body and all? I’ve never been so happy to be scandalously dressed in front of two men! That’s the thing, when I grew, my clothes didn’t grow with me so of course this had to be remedied. Mr. Dye bought me the most beautiful pink outfit to get me out of my predicament. All this leads me to the most important part of our little adventure. I HAVE MY ISAAC BACK!! Isaac was the little scoundrel we found in the guild bar who has been communicating with my parents. I am absolutely elated to see him! He looks even better than I remember. We have so much to catch up on! I just want to hold him and never let go!!

Alexander Dye's Fated Power 1
Know Thyself

Dye is able to enhance a target’s mental prowess.

Charm / 1 AP / TN: 7R / Resis: WP / Rg: 1

Target gains +1 to all mental aspects, to a max. of 5.

Alter Range Immuto:

TN: + the amount of the RG (if you want it to be +2 RG, then the TN is +2)

Sereaphina's Fated Power 1
Burning Insight

Seraphina is able to get a yes/no simple response from a character.

1 AP / TENACITY / TN: 12T / Resist: WP / RG: 5

(reference pg 235 in Fated)

Epilogue 3

Insurmountable Tasks
The Clock Chimes for No Villain
Three Wishes Promise Fate


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