Alex Dye Journal Entry #1: No One is an Island

The Fated find themselves in Malifaux

Untitled.pngMy Dearest Cal,

Today was eventful to say the least. After paying some debts Earthside, I visited that… medium? Fortune teller?… whatever she was, I visited her just as REDACTED suggested. As my last entry mentioned, it’s true I had no idea what to expect, visiting an ancient soothsayer and all, but I wasn’t expecting this. After getting my Fate read, myself and two other poor souls in her tent were rend from Earth and found ourselves in Malifaux.

The Hookah-feller I can’t size up quite yet. Even though a mowed down plenty of his kind during the Powder Wars, this Arab (I mean, maybe?) seems far more mild-mannered than the zealots that I fought back in the day. Seems like he knew how to use that ridiculous blade of his, which I appreciate (I’ll get to that later…).

The little bomb child… Sarah-somethin’, I’m less keen on. This little tot must have crawled out of some Neverborn Kindergarten, though I haven’t heard of skinwalkers makin’ rounds Earthside before. Her eyes and talk are both older than what the rest of her suggests… I don’t know… I’ll just have to keep my eye on her…

In any case, the three of us plopped unceremoniously in some slum district under that unforgiving Malifaux sky. It took a while to find each of us… soothsayer victims… when I spied some street urchin petting one of those vile Malifaux Rats. In a panic, I tried to clear the street, ‘cause any weird sighting coupled with pipe music can’t be good, when the nearby fountain exploded into the vile vermin. We three tried to repel the attack, and I tried my best to tranq the creepy rat-brat, but I got a faceful of that dog-sized rodent instead. Thank goodness for Hookah and Sarah; they are the ones that turned the battle around, albeit “turned around” is a strong phrase when we still didn’t stem the tide of vermin, nor dispatch the rat-brat.

Anyway, I’m back at the Cracked Anvil again, nursing my wounds. Is the Red Star brighter tonight?… I hope that roar doesn’t join the Chorus of my nightmares tonight…



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