Alex Dye Journal Entry #11: Now We're El-EVEN

The Party pursues a runaway Dye'ann and make a deal with the Hag


Had an… unpleasant morning today. Woke at daybreak, as usual, to find both Hasame and Dye’Ann both missing. At least the Arab had the decency to leave a note about the Death Marshalls; our daughter did not however. I woke Sera to help me find her, but the beginning of our search proved fruitless.

After finding the trail hours cold, Sera had a great idea of heading to the Swamp Hag. She has already requested our audience… maybe we could negotiate her Sight to locate Dye’Ann and fulfill whatever request she has.

After heading into the Bayou, Sera stumbled into a clutch of Silurids. We were able to repel them, but at great injury to Sera.

Thankfully, we finally did find the Hag’s Shack. After a regenerative brew, the Hag filled in a few more details about her requested mission for three more Djinn.

After filling in about some new leads (Jackob? The Arabic sister?), the Hag kept her end of the bargain; Dye’Ann was there safe and sound! A little annoying she used my daughter to get our attention, but at least she is safe!

Image from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim



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