Alex Dye Journal Entry #6: Hungover and Six to My Stomach

The Fated continue helping Isaac


It feels awkward to write to you in a journal instead of a proper letter, but I don’t know how else to chronicle my travels here to you.

After leaving that mighty fine establishment… The Honeypot I believe… Sarafeena spotted that same rat-brat who sicked that rabid rodent on me when we first ported to Malifaux. Everyone else seemed to develop a soft-spot for the vile urchin, especially Sara after asking the child only a handful of questions about her involvement in the attack Day One. We allow her to follow us for now, but I made sure my safety was off on my rifle, not willing to repeat my previous mistakes with the child… who now calls herself Diane…

In any case, Isaac wanted to visit the Qi and Gong while we stayed in Little Kingdom, and gave Sarah 3 Scrip for a dinner for everyone else (including Diane) at the Pesky Kat Nomo while he investigated the location alone. I wasn’t going to turn down a meal from a quasi-employer, but Husem seemed dogged to get to the bottom of Isaac’s dealings. The two men went off, and eventually came back, with Isaac’s portfolio found. Huzzah!… I guess. Not sure how a courier could be so negligent with his charge, oh well.

We returned to the Gilded Mare, where we found Dohman again with a new face; Isaac’s employer Lucas McCabe. Appreciative of our role being escort for Isaac, he paid us a small amount, with the promise of more work to come. While this doesn’t readily help my search for you my sweet, getting paid for easy work isn’t worth dismissing either. We accept his offer, so we’ll see what happens in the days to come.

We four (can’t we shake off that dingy Diane yet?) got back to the Cracked Anvil, and even Nellie seemed to have a soft spot for the guttersnipe after Sara cleaned her up and put her into her old clothes. We all turn in for the night, but I surrender my rented room to the ladies; there is no way I will sleep anywhere near that foul child.



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