Alex Dye Journal Entry #9: The End is Nine!

The Fated Search for the Bahsz' Second Lair


Not sure what happened last evening… Did we party like it was 1889?… Anyway, we finally made it back to the Cracked Anvil, where Milly had a note for Husher. He nipped off for the rest of the night and morning, not saying much. Doesn’t matter much to me; I got my shut-eye.

By the time Hosem got back, it was late morning. He did get us a new job though, some kind of followup to the Boss fight. While not super keen on venturing into the QZ, possibly right into a Resser trap, cash is cash. I used this as an excuse to stock up while the Arab crashed (lazy drunk, how much did he get hammered at the casino?).

When I fetched the other two, Dye’ann wanted to come too. I knew that was a ridiculous request, but I couldn’t say no to those eyes. So much like your’s. Allows me to keep an eye on her anyway, right? We got the cable car hub at the Enclave at noon, and headed off to the isolated Southern Slums.

The cars are slow going, but at around four, we shuddered to a halt. A neighboring windmill gave us a chance to investigate the area while the two Guards fix the car. In our search of the tower, the two Guards were slain by Things of the QZ. While it seemed like Sara and Hussm found interesting things in the ’mill, we had to find a way to either press forward or retreat to the neighboring Burns.

Preferring to seek help or shelter in the Burns, we learned that one of the Wall Guards, Phil, was the brother of Bill, a Car Guard. Eager to find his bro, he pledged his gun to our cause. We turned around and sprinted to the Boss Lair directions. A couple of ambushes sprang from the shadows of the setting sun, as I feared, but now, we are in front of the open door…

Image taken from Blizzard Entertainment



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